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Legendary RT Hind

Kerckhaert Chameleon Rasp Handle
  • Hind only pattern
  • More pointed than the Tradition and Kings shape
  • Slightly thicker for strength and wear
Sizes - 5, 6

Ranger Rasp Handle

by Kerckhaert

NEW! Ranger Lite Rim
  • Twist-on rasp handle
  • Poly material is not as slick as many plastic handles and provides a good grip
  • Round shape that fits well in the palm




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Ranger Plain »

Ranger Lite Rim


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Shoeing the Hind with Kerckhaert Dura Plain

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craftingwithkerckhaertHorseshoe Crafting Craze

There are some amazing pieces that have been fashioned from horseshoes. We have listed some sites where you can go for inspiration to get started on your own project. After you have completed your project, take a photo and post it to Facebook or Instagram with ‪#‎craftingwithkerckhaert‬.


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Natural Angle

Volume 3: Issue 1

Shoes for Traction

Most equine breeds and disciplines require some degree of traction in order to perform. A horse’s ability to perform would be extremely limited if you took away all traction.

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