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Hoof Care Products



SBS Equine Products

Quality hoofcare products based on sound medical principles.

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Vettec Hoofcare

Vettec has been manufacturing products for the hoof care professional for the past 8 years. Their unique polyurethane products have become valuable tools in the trucks of Farriers and Veterinarians around the world. Vettec is proud of its innovative products and of its close relationships with the people who use them.

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Hawthorne Products

For years, Hawthorne's horse care products have been considered "stable secrets" by many top trainers. Now, their line of horse care products are available to anyone who cares for their horses; and you may purchase these high quality medications and use them as a prevention or treatment whenever necessary. With Hawthorne Products, you can help your horses reach and maintain their peak performance.

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Allen's Products

Allen's blue powder and super mesh provide quality options for hoofcare.

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If you are not already doing business with one of our dealers you can contact us for the name and address of a dealer near you.

1-800-468-2879 (toll free) • 1-502-633-5767 (phone) • 1-502-633-5863 (fax)


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