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Bellota RAZOR Plus


FootPro™ Sandbox Half-Round Model

  • Narrower than the regular FootPro™ Sandbox Tool
  • Half-round shape
  • Nicely designed and well-built tool
  • Used for finishing shoes and the hoof
  • FootPro™ Sandbox Half-Round Tool 80 and 100 grit zirconia belts (1-1/2" wide x 31" long) are available through FPD dealers

Photo of half-round model in closed position and ready for use. Just put handle of your choice on tang.

5 City


Liberty Cu 5 City Nail

  • Cutting edge technology
  • Hoof/Horn quality improves
  • Healthier hooves
  • No rust or wear inside the hoof wall
  • Ideal for all horses
  • Competitive price

E-2 Slim through E-7 Slim, 5 Combo Slim, 5 Slim, LX-50, LX-55, LX-60, LX-65, LX-70

Diamond® Thrush


  • "Marking" gel formula does not run when applied
  • Reduces bacteria and fungi without harming the surrounding tissue
  • Bonds to the hoof protein to form a barrier between thrush and healthy tissue
  • Blue color shows where product has been applied
  • Flexible tip applicator for better placement of treatment 18 bottles per case


Diamond® Hoof Defender (Hoof Protectant)

  • Reduces bacteria and fungi on the hoof wall, sole and frog
  • Boosts the natural resistance of the hoof against diseases that are caused by bacteria and fungi
  • Can be applied to the coronary band
  • Built-in applicator
  • 12 bottles per case

Diamond® Hoof Conditioner

  • Dual-action hoof conditioner
  • Provides a barrier against infection
  • Helps maintain a healthy moisture balance in hoof
  • Replaces natural protein worn off from hoof
  • Built-in applicator
  • 12 bottles per case


Diamond® Tool Roll

  • Durable, waterproof tool roll with 8 pockets
  • Features two adjustable side release buckles and comfort grip handle
  • Ideal for travel and storage of Diamond Farrier tools
  • A must have for the farrier and horse owner on the go

Note: tools not included.


New Products 2016


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